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   I've been potting for nearly 40 years and teaching classes for about 20. Over this time my love and passion for all things clay has never waned and I'm as excited today by making pots as I was all those years ago.   There is always something new to learn, no matter how long you've been at it and at this point in my life, I still feel as though I'm just scratching the surface. I have been accused of being all over the place with my work but I could never be happy just doing one design, one line of work. After much thought on the subject, I feel I'd rather be happy than fit into one specific design hole so I continue to explore, expand and keep myself interested by trying whatever I feel like.  I also work in lamp-worked glass, am an avid knitter, love to sew, cook and have recently started drawing again. My other great love is photography and I never leave home without my camera. Below are some links to my photographic social media sites.          

I worked for 15 years as the manager of a community centre studio but have recently left that position to pursue potting full time again. I renamed my business Tuxedo Cat Studios and in 2014 was invited to become part of The Kingsmill Studio, a cooperative shop on Granville Island in Vancouver BC with 4 other potters. My work is available through the Kingsmill Studio, or by contacting me through this website and various Farmer's markets and Craft shows around Vancouver                   

Check out my instagram photos at:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      https://www.instagram.com/tuxedo_cat_pottery/?hl=en





1972 Began potting in 9th grade in high school

1976  After graduation I was taken on as an apprentice with a production potter in Richmond B.C.   Worked in his studio for 3 years making general functional ware for sale across Canada.

1980   Started my own studio making functional work for sale in galleries in B.C. and across Canada and doing work for restaurants and corporate gifts for large companies.

1982  With 2 other Potters, opened a shared studio “Pots of Pleasure” at 16th avenue and Camosun St. in Vancouver.

1987  Opened my own store on Broadway in Vancouver “The Clay Zone” operated as a studio and retail space for 7 years.

1994    Moved my studio into my home and continue to work from my  home studio.

I began teaching pottery classes at Community Centres around Vancouver in 1992 and continue to teach at the West End and West Point Grey Community Centres in Vancouver, and at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby (currently 5 classes per week all together). 


I have taught numerous workshops through various studios, potters guilds and community centers on tile making, fountain making, hand-building and wheel throwing.


I managed the West End Community Centre Pottery Studio for 14 years but left recently to join the Kingsmill Pottery on Granville Island where I continue to sell my work and work in the shop 1 week per month.

I have also done courses in glass-blowing and lampworking glass and worked as a glassblowers assistant for several years. I have my own lampworking studio within my pottery studio and continue to make glass beads and small sculptures.

Related Experience 

I have taken many workshops and attended demonstrations over the years with some incredible potters including: Robin Hopper, Gordon Hutchens, Freddie Rahn, Peter King, Steve Heineman, Deny James, Elaine Brewer-White, Alison Feargrieve, Tam Irving, Jane Hamlyn, Chris Staley, Lorna Meaden and Beth Cavener among many others.


Shows and Exhibitions

2015 Still Life-Solo Show at Crafthouse Gallery

2009  Elements- Solo Show at Craft House Gallery

2007 Group Show- “24 Hired Hands Burnaby Arts Alliance

2006 Solo Show- Brittania Art Gallery

2003 Group Show -  Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

2002 Group Show - “Water, Water Everywhere” Craft House

2002 Group Show – New-Small and Sterling Glass Studio

2000 Group Show - B.C. Glass Artists Association   

1995 Solo Show Dr. Vigari Gallery Fountains

1994 Solo Show Dr. Vigari Gallery-Torsos

1994 Solo Show Circle Craft

1994 Artist of the Month - B.C. Potters Guild

1993 Solo Show -Brackendale Art Gallery  

My work is available at the Kingsmill Studio on Granville Island and assorted Farmer's Markets (info on Upcoming Shows and events page)



2003      1st Place -Bowl Throwing Competition to benefit Burnaby Empty Bowl Project

2005      2nd Place- Bowl Throwing Competition to benefit Burnaby Empty Bowl Project



 Clay has always been a sort of freedom for me. Its ability to become anything and to transform ideas into something solid has kept me interested for more than 30 years. Its limitations are really only my own and the challenge of making something beautiful or interesting from something so humble continues to inspire me. Incorporating glass and/or metal into the mix increases the challenge, both design-wise and technically. I believe that working with these challenging mediums has kept me sane and very philosophical in other aspects of my life. The losses that can come from a bad firing (time, materials and spirit) have helped me deal with disappointments in life and to be so grateful when things go well. Adding new materials into the repertoire will keep me inspired for a long time to come.